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We envision strengthening the bond between people and dogs appreciating the needs of both. Our goal is to erase the borders and provide a place where the entire family can spend priceless free time together.


Our mission is to enrich lives of 4 paws and their families. We provide compassionate and expert grooming care taking in full consideration customer requests, but wellbeing and health of the fur clients always come first. While we take care of your pet, or at any other time, you can enjoy a classy environment with a cup of coffee or a cocktail at our bar, and check products at our shop that we choose for our dog. Even if you do not have a 4 paws friend, you can make one here, Mr.Grey is happy to be at your service. 



Hi. My name is Grey and in 2020 I found my family. You remember, it was that strange lockdown time? Although, it was stressful for all of us, we used the opportunity and spent quality time together. I learnt new commands and explored the world. My parents say that from the early days, I was disciplined, confident, optimistic, and competitive. I was strong when faced with health problems. Once I heard 'He is a future entrepreneur.' At that time, I had no idea what they meant, but I was excited to discover. And this how our journey began.


Choosing the color...

Quality control...

Heading to another meeting...

Just a little tiny nap)


Hurry up!

Some snapshots of the process. We found a perfect place and started renovation... I was choosing materials and colors, controlling the process, guarding new equipment, and had to handle dozens of meetings.

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